Business Intelligence

Development of Business Intelligence and Reporting Solutions

Business Intelligence is a set of techniques used in leveraging organization’s information and data to gain a competitive advantage. BI already plays a major role in big companies’ decision making process, but ProPivot believes that every organization can profit from this approach. Our goal is to bring Business Intelligence to the segment of small and medium enterprises (SMB) by providing effective and inexpensive BI solutions based on simple but powerful reporting and analysis tools. We are building on our long-term experience with BI and we are designing custom solutions according the client’s needs. Please find more information in the following sections:

Software Development

Software Development With Latest Technologies

In software development ProPivot utilizes the latest techniques of Agile and Rapid development. This approach favors “rapid prototyping” of the software rather than extensive detailed planning in the initial stage of the project. In the current business environment it’s very common that the requirements for functionality and user expectations are evolving as the project progresses forward. Developers have to be prepared for changes in requirements and implement changes in design of the application effectively to meet project goals. Rapid development relies on smaller phases of requirements collection, development and user verification, which are repeated iteratively many times during the project. This enables end-users to actively participate on the project by formulating the requirements for new functionality and changes at the beginning of each iteration. Then at the end of the iteration end-users confirms in testing, that project is on the track and in alignment with current business needs. However in ProPivot we believe that one process doesn’t fit every project, so the development techniques need to be tailored to the specific needs of particular client and project itself.

Primarily we focuse on Microsoft technologies - MS SQL Server 2008 for data storage, C# programming language and .NET framework for application development. Upon special request we can work with Java language in JDK framework or other related frameworks.

Application Maintenance

Remote Support and Maintenance of Information Systems and Applications

Enterprise applications require permanent management and maintenance during its lifecycle. ProPivot specializes in maintenance of enterprise applications mainly in fund management industry. We are skilled in user support using modern tools for incident tracking and resolution, using extensive and proven methodology available for remote maintenance.

Our team has proven experience in maintenance of portfolio management tools SunGard Investran® and Digital Shape Technologies Webfolio®. The team is also experienced in remote management of Business Intelligence platforms such as SAP Business Objects and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 with related reporting and analysis services.

Administration and maintenance covers:

  • >> installation, updates, patches, change management, testing, retirement,
  • >> configuration, disaster recovery, documentation, licenses and contracts maintenance,
  • >> user access, security management,
  • >> information security and compliance,
  • >> monitoring, data quality, issue management and resolution,
  • >> sql works with data,
  • >> user support and training,
  • >> vendor relationship.

Technologies & Experience

Business Intelligence

Development of Business Intelligence and reporting solutions on Microsoft platform(SQL Server Reporting Services, OLAP Analytics, Integration Services) and SAP Bussines Ojects.

Database Programming

Solutions based on Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008, MySQL (extensions based on COM, .NET).

Web Applications

Development of web-based data entry interfaces using Microsoft ASP.NET, C# , Java -Grails, Groovy.

Application Maintenance

We have proven exprience with maintenance and support of portfolio management applications (Investran® and Webfolio®)

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